The Week's Top Weather Stories and Events

Storm Hilary dominates as it floods parts of California, but we also have heavy snow in New Zealand and the first 2023/2024 winter weather forecast.

The Week's Top Weather Stories and Events
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Tropical Storm Hilary has struck Southern California with heavy winds and rain, with 26 million people under a flood warning.
See how some of Hollywood's most iconic locations are being hit.

Iconic Hollywood locations hit as Storm Hilary rolls in
Tropical Storm Hilary is barrelling through Southern California where 26 million people face flood warnings.

The International Space Station has also caught some incredible images of Storm Hilary.

ISS Flies Over Hilary, Films Storm’s Scale - Videos from The Weather Channel
The International Space Station happened to pass by to the east of Hurricane Hilary turning in the Pacific. A camera operator positioned one of the station’s cameras to capture a unique view of the storm from above. - Videos from The Weather Channel |

The first in-depth winter weather forecasts are being developed for 2023/2024 for the northern hemisphere. What impact may El Nino have?

Winter forecast 2023/2024: First in-depth Winter weather outlook and how the pressure patterns will develop under the strong El Nino event
A first look at the Winter 2023/2024 forecast for the United States, Canada, and Europe shows a strong influence of the growing El Nino event

It's sunflower season in the UK, with visitors taking the opportunity to flock to sunflower fields to post on their social feeds!

Instagram photo hunters flock to sunflower fields
Fields of the bright yellow flowers are springing up across the UK and proving a hit with visitors.

Heavy snowfall has brought some fantastic skiing conditions to the mountains of New Zealand.

Snow problem as records fall on magic mountain
Snowfall on Ruapehu is bringing the best skiing conditions for years there.

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