Weather & Photography News 10th August 2023

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Weather & Photography News 10th August 2023
Photo by Zoltan Tasi / Unsplash

Wildfires in Hawaii, severe storms in the US and extreme weather in Europe. Extreme weather is causing chaos across the globe.

Weather satellite captures lightning spectacle across Earth
A new high-speed weather camera above Europe and Africa records the daily frenzy of lightning storms.

Devastating Maui wildfire leaves 36 people dead and 11,000 evacuated in Hawaii
Locals in Lahaina have likened the situation to a ‘war zone’

Severe storms batter eastern US, leaving hundreds of thousands without power – video
Heavy rains caused widespread flooding and significant damage across the eastern US

Extreme weather causing chaos in northern and southern Europe
Soaring temperatures and autumn-like storms are igniting wildfires and flooding the streets of Europe this summer.