Super Blood Moon 2019 Best Photographs

The Blood Moon of 2019 certainly didn’t disappoint

Super Blood Moon 2019 Best Photographs

Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019

The Blood Moon of 2019 certainly didn’t disappoint; while some of our team in the UK had nothing but cloudy skies, others in the US had an uninterrupted view!

We’ve compiled a collection of our favourite Super Blood Wolf Moon photographs below. As always, the photographer has been credited, and a link to their account is included, so go and give them a follow!

I hope you enjoy 🙂 Mark and the team.

Super Blood Red Wolf Moon – Jan. 20th 2019 – Beverly Hills – Florida by Ronald Kotinsky @rkotinsky


Seminary Ridge, around midnight Monday in Gettysburg by Harrison Jones @h_jonesphoto


Lunar eclipse over lake Pyhäjärvi, Pirkkala, Finland by Juice Sunell @Add_Juice


Totality above Penshaw by Graeme Peacock @GraemePeacock1


Lunar eclipse on a clear (but bone-chilling) night in the DC area by Dave Lyons @insiteimage

A beautiful Lunar Eclipse in North Wales Lucy Edmondson @___LucyJane___


The moon setting over one of the pylons of The Great Belt bridge. Captured from Kobæk beach by Thomas D Mørkeberg @thomasmorkeberg

Lunar Eclipse over Darlington, Co.Durham by PAUL KINGSTON @PaulKingstonNNP


Frosty morning on the River Wear in Sunderland by simon c woodley @simoncwoodley


Super moon halo at giants ring by steve martin @LaganPhoto


Supermoon over the Needle’s Eye arch near Dayton, Wyoming by Kevin Palmer @krp234