If it wasn’t for his red coat this horse would be invisible.

Horses make a landscape look beautiful

Horse and snow

“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.”
Alice Walker

Alice is right, of course. And when the horse in question is white and wearing a red coat, and the landscape in question is covered in snow then even more power to Alice’s elbow.

On a cold winter’s morning in 2014 (27th December to be exact – with thanks to ‘RAW’ data) I was walking from Teggs Nose in Macclesfield over to Macclesfield Forest. This chappy stood out against the wintry backdrop, resplendent in his red coat and looking moodily into the distance (or just staring at a tree).

Horse in Snow

For those of you with local knowledge the hill directly behind him is Teggs Nose (to the west). And for the photographers amongst you who are more likely to be interested in this sort of techie stuff, the picture was taken at ISO 160, f/ 4.4 and exposure 1/250 seconds. So there.

I haven’t done this walk for a while but I’m sure that when the predicted cold Siberian blast comes our way next week, he’ll be ready with his red coat.