Human Written Content Providers.

This article is 100% human. ChatGPT is smart. Very smart.

Human Written Content Providers.

This article is 100% human.

ChatGPT is smart. Very smart. ChatGPT can write a blog post or an article in 30 seconds that would take a person hours to complete. AI is here, and everyone is jumping on board. The future of writing has never appeared so unsure. However, AI content is leaving a footprint, like a watermark, and the search engines aren’t taking this deluge of AI content lightly. AI content writers are now using prompts like ‘Burstiness’ and ‘Perplexity’ to fool the algorithms and to make their generated content look more humanly written.

Your business website could be populated by thousands of keyword-targeted articles and blog posts, which could give you a short-term boost in search engines. You may even make some sales. But do you really want to take the risk?

Back around 2012-2014, Google introduced the ‘Panda’ update to its algorithms. Panda was explicitly designed to penalise poor content. Google wanted its search engine to produce the best results for any given search term and provide more authoritative and helpful results. Thin content, often stuffed with keywords and badly written, no longer had any place in the search engines, and businesses saw their rankings and traffic crash.

Article spinners could take an article and ‘spin’ it into numerous other articles using an inbuilt Thesaurus, but Google caught on to this quickly as they were often badly written and clearly spun. But the spinners kept improving, and the search engines kept fighting back. It was an arms race.

And that is where we are today. Google doesn’t want its content algorithms gamed by AI and will fight back. There are already businesses pushing AI-generated content for pennies per 100 words, but I ask again, do you want to take the risk?

Well-researched, well-written, informative content will always be a winner in the search engine’s eyes.

So please write your own articles, enjoy the process and take pride in them.

And if you haven’t the time to write your own articles, then contact me, and I’ll write them for you. Just me, no AI, and your content will remain timeless, unique and search engine-proof.