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Glenn Aoys of loves extreme weather and meteorology and is a Skywarn member

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Featured Photographer Glenn Aoys

Glenn Aoys of  Sixthsense weather photography loves extreme weather and meteorology and is a Skywarn member

1. What was your most memorable weather event?

My most memorable weather event was on the 2nd of February. 2016. I was driving from my work to my home and decided to listen to my inner voice, which I call my sixth sense, that said “drive to the fields, there is a beautiful sunset coming.” So I decided not to drive home, but to visit the fields, just above my hometown Kaatsheuvel, in the south of the Netherlands. I arrived there around 17:30 and began unpacking my Photo-gear, which I Always have with me in the trunk of my car. After 2 weeks of cloudy weather this was the first clear sunset. I had chosen a beautiful view on a dike and waited until the sun would go below the horizon. And then things where happening very fast. Around 18:00 the sky began to make very beautiful colours, from orange to pink. It was so beautiful that I got emotional and also felt my adrenaline racing through my vanes. I realised that I saw nacreous clouds. The complete happening lasted for about 6 minutes. As suddenly as it happened, it also stopped. These beautiful colours that I saw are written in my memory forever and I always remember that date easy.

2. Which is your favourite photo and why?

The pictures of the Cumulonimbus in combination with the Lenticular clouds are my favourite pictures These pictures were made in Tuscany, Italy. We rented a vacation house with a beautiful view and right in front of my door I saw that cumulonimbus forming. I had some hours to view and photograph this remarkable cloud formation. It also won the 3rd price in a photo contest of best weather photo of the year in 2016.

3. From a purely photographic point of view where would you most like to visit?

I would most like to visit Norway at a point where we can see the aurora borealis ; northern lights

4. Is there anything else you would like to add?

In 2007 I was selected for a TV programme, it was called “The Sixth Sense”. People were asked to react if you were convinced that you had a sixth sense. Well, so I was thinking as I had some experiences. let me do the test, then I can discover if I have it or not. I wrote an email and after doing some serious tests by a Parapsychologist few people were invited to join the programme. It was a serious programme, we were blindfolded and driven to a place where something important had happened. If you could “feel”something on the spot then you could tell that and that was all filmed, After the programme I decided not to use my paranormal talents to talk with dead people, but to use it with photography. And so my Sixthsense4U was born! When my sixthsense speaks to me I am ready to take special pictures.

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