Featured Meteorologist Adrian Castellano

Adrian is an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist at WVTM 13

Adrian Castellano
Adrian Castellano

Adrian Castellano is an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist at WVTM 13 in Birmingham, Alabama

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What was your most memorable weather event?

April 27th, 2011 tornado outbreak. I was taking finals at Florida State University and still remember where I was and what I was doing on that awful day. I never imagined that years later I would be working in the epicenter of that tragic outbreak. My wife, a University of Alabama student at the time, survived the tornado in Tuscaloosa.

What is your favourite and least favourite type of weather?

I love tracking and forecasting hurricanes. Hurricane Frances in 2004 played a big role in my fascination with weather. I lived in Tampa, Florida at the time and remember being in awe watching the raw power of a hurricane.
I hate cold weather. I just don’t do well in below freezing temperatures. Just ask anyone that spends time around me in the winter!

If you weren’t a meteorologist what would you most like to be?

If I was not a Meteorologist, my dream job would be a landscape designer. I would enjoy designing the landscapes for golf courses, theme parks, and beach resorts.
It’s a job that would combine my passion for weather with my love for nature.

From a purely meteorological point of view, where would you most like to live?

I would love to live along the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle! The winters are short and mild. Spring and fall are beautiful.
And of course, there is no shortage of interesting weather during the summer months. Plus, I love the beach!

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