Daily Themes: Photo Favourites 9th December 2023

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Daily Themes: Photo Favourites  9th December 2023

A warm welcome to our new members! This is our weekly round-up of the Daily Themes favourites. Thank you all for being members, and feel free to email me at mark@stormhour.com with any questions, feedback, or just to say hello.

Look out for the photo of the week announcement on Monday morning.

Monday: Sleeping Animals

Beautiful Ruby sound asleep by Lisa @lisamarie1711

Tuesday: Walls

Stunning wall art in Chelmsford by Connect: Talesfromtheattic

Wednesday: Pedal Power

Pedal it out by AlaskaDawg2 @alaskafrogdawg

Thursday: The Eyes Have It

An ominous pair of eyes approaching by Rajeswari @365daysofcamera

Friday: Broken

A broken boat by Andy McCormick @bunothanboy