9 Things We Love This Week

This week we have icebergs, falling trees and stunning sunsets!

9 Things We Love This Week
Mount Hood by @FreyFotos 

This incredible shot from the summit of Mount Everest is two years old, but we've included it as it has been doing the rounds on Twitter this week. And we think it's great!

Timber! Fortunately, nobody was hurt but definitely a close shave.

An iceberg, just casually bobbing about in the surf near the shoreline.

Keeping up with the sheep!

Stunning capture of a storm cell near Merkel

Lenticular clouds are simply magnificent.

Sunrise over Mount Hood, one of our favourite mountains on Twitter!

Timelapse of an Oklahoman storm.

Winter still has a sting in its tail, as April snow falls on Hadrian's Wall.