9 Things We Love This Week

Avalanches, snow holes, spring storms across the plains and much more

9 Things We Love This Week
Incredible capture by Trey Greenwood@StormChaseAZ

Spring is in full flow and these lambs are loving life.

A few candid nature shots from explore.org for Earth Day

Chilly. Preparation for the 2023 wildfire season is tough in Alaska!

There's something about a murmuration that is hypnotic. These dancing Sandpipers were captured by Pacificnorthwestkate.

Trey Greenwood captured this incredible structure over Oklahoma.

Continuing the Spring storm theme, Reed Timmer captured this wall cloud over Chickasha.

Digging a huge snowpit in Utah looks like warm work.

A ferocious spring melt on Baptism River in Minnesota.

An avalanche in the Kunlun mountains as temperatures rise.